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George W. & Rosa Covington Family, Menkee Studio, Cartersville, GA
George and Rosa Covington are buried in Pine Log Methodist Church Cemetery located on GA HWY 140 west of US 411 in Rydal, GA

Christian Thomason & Pearl Covington King posed for this photo postcard, which was addressed to Mr. W.M Carlyle, Atlanta, GA. Apparently it was never mailed since no postage is evident.
Cousin Pearl Covington King

Webb Covington Family
Webb Covington, far right, served as a Arkansas state senator and, according to family lore, drove a gold car.

Adie Thompson House

Bill Thompson & wife sat for this portrait at A.J Maddix Studio in Decatur, TX.

Bill Thompson Farm in Texas

Ed Thompson Clan, Fort Worth, TX

Ed Thompson Family, Fort Worth, TX

Lindsey, Allie Mae, & Florence Thompson

Florence & Allie Mae Thompson

Francis Thompson
Francis Thompson Family

John Thompson

Vina Thompson